Cheryl offers Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy and Integrative Psychotherapy without yoga. Both forms of psychotherapy sessions are 60 minutes and $160, whether online or in person in the Chicago Loop.

In Integrative Psychotherapy without yoga poses, Cheryl conducts traditional talk therapy and may incorporate stress management practices, body awareness, anatomy and physiology information, neuroscience education, breath work, and meditation instruction, as appropriate if desired.

In Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy, Cheryl conducts traditional psychotherapy with the additional lens of therapeutic yoga. Toward the end of the session, Cheryl often prescribes yoga poses, breathing practices, or meditation to help address the client’s needs holistically. Cheryl incorporates stress management strategies, body awareness, anatomy and physiology information, and neuroscience education to support clients in reaching treatment goals.

Cheryl sees a range of clients in psychotherapy, including medical doctors and psychologists who wish to receive services outside the system where they work. Thanks to her independent private practice, Cheryl’s records do not connect with MyChart or any other Epic system or other shared-use EMR.

Health Psychology Consultation is required to initiate psychotherapy services with Cheryl. Adults only, please.