Eliza W.

Cheryl is a kind, knowledgeable, and warm person and a pleasure to work with in any capacity.

Kelsey M.

Over the past few years, my chronic illness has taken a toll on my physical body as well as my outlook on recovery. Finding and working with Cheryl has been a wonderful surprise because she offers such a unique and empathetic approach to what I like to describe as wholehearted healing. She’s integrated a harmonious blend of psychotherapy, gentle yoga, and breathing techniques to help me work through my issues (physical, neurological and psychological) so that I can continue on my path to recovery. She’s professional, intuitive, and compassionate, and to me, those are the qualities that matter the most.

Diana H.

Cheryl holds space for her students to practice in a way that best serves them, all while ensuring that they understand the intent of the postures and maintain proper alignment. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a breakdown of how to safely modify poses or for those with neurological conditions looking to find comfort and awareness in their bodies!

Monique P.

Cheryl is a star in the yoga world. Her training and intuition make you feel so at ease and confident. If you’re recovering from any injury or struggle with a chronic health condition, i highly recommend working with Cheryl. You’ll benefit from her expertise and also leave the session feeling so positive. She’s a true gem

Emily S.

I find Cheryl to be humble, kind and genuinely interested in helping others be the best they can be. I am so grateful to have Cheryl in my life!!

Fred B.

Cheryl is a intuitive and compassionate therapist who I highly recommend !!

Yayoi E.

Cheryl has helped me so much during my recovery from recent surgeries. She’s perceptive, engaging, compassionate, and tailors her expertise to fit each person’s needs. Highly recommend the neurological class at Yoga Circle!!

Deborah J.

Dr. Hurst has many valuable skills and a positive, sincere disposition. She is very approachable. Although she has a specific lesson planned, she easily adjusts it to meet the needs of her students. Cheryl creates an unique synergy, not easily duplicated. She is a consummate professional in her disciplines … a true treasure! Thank you, Dr. Hurst, for making a difference in my life!

Carol L.

I feel so much more comfortable and confident thanks to my sessions with Cheryl. She taught me how to improve my posture which alleviated my chronic back pain. I’m sooooo happy. I now can go out with my friends and not be in pain.

Anonymous A.

I’m sorry to inform you but I won’t be able to attend anymore amazing sessions with you because it’s not in my present budget!! BUT……. If you ever decide to do BCBS PPO please let me know and I’ll be the first in line!! You were very encouraging and I learned a new yoga move that I have incorporated into my schedule. As a result I’ve been able to finally start getting some painless sleep!!

Minnie P.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Hurst for the past 5 years. I feel very comfortable sharing my personal issues w/ her knowing that she will not be judging me and will provide me with an objective point of view. She has never been condescending towards me and that’s very important to me. The last thing anyone needs when going through a tough time is to be “talked down” to. Over the years, she definitely contributed to my personal growth. I’ve learned a lot from her…from dealing with my anxiety, meditation techniques to help with sleep, and yoga poses to help strengthen my post pregnancy body.

Johanna B.

I worked with Cheryl at Wellness house and found her to be exceptionally helpful and talented. Anyone who wants to work in any aspect of what she does will truly benefit.