What is Yoga Therapy?
Yoga Therapy is a tailored approach to a course of yoga practice guided by individualized goals and mindful of risks and limitations. It can be conducted online or in person. Yoga Therapy aims to alleviate pain and improve physical functioning, while preparing body, mind, and spirit for optimal well-being. While not considered a healthcare service, Yoga Therapy can deepen one’s journey toward health and promote a sense of wholeness and presence.

When well-aligned, supported postures are held for extended time guided by specific deepening actions, yoga poses can facilitate deeper feeling, gentler opening, and greater release. Cheryl’s Yoga Therapy rehabilitates the body naturally using gravity, tensegrity, and breath to increase flexibility and strength where needed, while rebalancing one’s anatomy to relieve discomfort and reduce wear-and-tear.

Based on assessment of your needs and goals, Cheryl selects and customizes yoga poses, movements and breathing to facilitate your experience. Cheryl’s clients often report feeling clearer, lighter, and more upbeat as a result. In addition to yoga’s well-known physical, mental and emotional benefits, when practiced earnestly over time, yoga can enrich the spirit as well, deepening equanimity, presence, meaning and purpose, while balancing drive with detachment.

Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach or light food. Staying hydrated is important to replace electrolytes and minimize dizziness.

Therapeutic yoga often makes use of yoga props to help fine-tune the level of accessibility and challenge in yoga poses.

Yoga Props and Your Space
[Check back soon for info on Props and resources]

Set up Your Space for Online Yoga Guidance – Cheryl will give you feedback on your home set-up but it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with Zoom and test your monitor to ensure that you can be seen well in order to receive individualized feedback and guidance on your practice.

For yoga practice online with Cheryl, set up your practice spot with good lighting in front of an open area of wall space, if possible. Direct light in your background usually causes a glare that makes clear viewing difficult. The farther the distance between your camera and your mat, the less often you will need to adjust the camera position or your position in the room in order to be seen well.

If your background is quiet, then you may unmute your microphone during classes for ease of communication. Please keep yourself muted during classes if you do not have a very quiet background.

Bare feet are strongly preferred for closer contact with the ground. Depending on the Asana being practiced, “sticky socks” for yoga practice are usually acceptable, although your feet will sense the ground more directly with no socks at all. Comfortable and stretchy form-fitting clothes instead of baggy clothes help Cheryl to better see your anatomy so she can give you useful feedback on your practice.

No yoga experience necessary! Cheryl specializes in working with beginners to yoga as well as experienced yoga practitioners considering a shift toward therapeutic practice. Cheryl also provides Professional Development <>

Yoga and Yoga Therapy – 60 minutes, single session – $125
Yoga and Yoga Therapy 4-Session Package – $450
60-minute sessions with payment due first session.
Packages do not expire, but no refunds on unused sessions.

Yoga Therapy with Cheryl starts with an initial consultation for yoga.